Understanding ‘climate change’

You may be wondering, what is climate change? What is it caused by? And why is METI implementing a project to address it?

Well in our very first blog post we’re going to try and explain one of the biggest challenges facing our planet and why METI’s Climate Change Action Project is important in changing the way we live.

Global warming – you’ve probably heard of it but may not know the full cause of it or its effect on our planet.

Here’s the breakdown: energy from the sun passes through the earth’s atmosphere and is absorbed by objects – trees, buildings, animals, rocks – on the ground. These objects later radiate some of the energy back into space but some of the gases in the earth’s atmosphere – such as carbon dioxide (CO2) – block that radiation, keeping it near the surface of the earth. This is what makes global temperatures rise and get progressively hotter. And this is what is meant by ‘global warming’.

Check out this handy infographic:


Source: CO2 Cooperative Research Centre

CO2 and other gases (such as methane and nitrous oxide) have become known as greenhouse gases (GHG) because they keep the earth warmer as if we were living in a greenhouse.

Mind you, the greenhouse effect of trapping heat isn’t a bad thing; without it, the Earth would be a frozen world. But recent human activity has caused an increase of 30% more CO2 in the air today than there was about 150 years ago, and Earth is gradually becoming a warmer place. In fact, scientists have proven that there is now more CO2 in the atmosphere than there has ever been in the last 420,000 years!

Global warming means that climatic conditions are changing and predictable weather patterns are no longer so predictable. This means changing the way we look at food production and this is where METI’s Climate Change Action project comes into the picture! We are providing training in permaculture techniques that will ensure consistent household food production despite the changing weather patterns.

So there you go – we hope this was useful and helps understand a little bit more about the effect of global warming and climate change!

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